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Fitness Report: Checking In

December 1, 2013

I haven’t posted a whole lot this year, but now that it is getting cold outside and the days are shorter I find myself having a bit more time to commit to it. Although I didn’t have time to blog, I still had time to run, actually, I always make time to run.

Originally, I had planned to reduce my mileage this year and work more on my short distance (5K & 10K) times. But as it turned out, I did the opposite. I ran my first marathon in March. It was harder than I expected and I was disappointed with my time (4:44), but in a sick way, I enjoyed it. As a result, my runs got longer. In October, I ran a personal best 1:48 half marathon.

Little Rock Marthon 2013

Happy Running.

Totals for 2013:

Miles: 536.50

Time: 78 hours, 39 min, 58 sec

Average Speed: 6.8 mph

Elevation Gained: 16,222 feet

Calories Burned: 74,421

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