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Gun Control: Bill O’Reilly vs Bob Costas

December 5, 2012

“Roughly 40% of guns purchased in this county do not require a background check for purchase.” That is completely false Mr. Costas. All, 100% of new firearm sales MUST have a background check completed before the retailer can lawfully transfer the firearm to the buyer! Period! It is federal law.

No one can buy “military style artillery”. Machine Guns are legal but are highly controlled and very expensive. THERE ARE NO BAZOOKAS!! Oh… by the way Bob, the movie theater posted signs forbidding concealed firearms from being brought in to their building. It was a gun free zone. Not one single non-law enforcement person could legally have a pistol.

My firearms have not killed anyone, neither have 280,000,000 million other guns owned by the “American Gun Culture”.

P.S. A musket can “fire off hundreds of rounds”. If a bad guy used one in a crowded movie theater and no one fought back, he could kill just as many people as he could with a semi-auto.

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