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November 7, 2012

Another good post from a friend.


Most who know me can understand my disappointment with the results of our presidential election. I’m not deeply disappointed, as I had always felt in my spirit that the Republican party — regardless of its nominee — would face a steep uphill battle in order to reclaim the White House.

Of course, no two hills are exactly alike. And Mitt Romney’s climb would require extra strength and resolve as our fawning news media badgered, belittled, and demonized him, while at the same time shielding the President from his gaffes and his record. I could spend some considerable time on that one, but that would probably benefit no one. Many would agree wholeheartedly with me, and many would think me an idiot for saying such a thing. I am frustrated. I am concerned. But I am not without hope.

There was something particularly striking to me about this election. In past…

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