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October Running Report

November 1, 2012

One more month complete. 55 miles till I reach my goal. Then I might let up a little. All this running is taking a toll on my back and hips. Sometimes it seems like the only time they don’t hurt is when I’m running. Sitting makes it worse. Go Figure. Can’t let up too much though, I’m signed up to run the Little Rock Marathon in March.

My family and I took a week-long trip to Florida in early October. I really like Florida and love finding nature trails to run and explore. I pushed my self to make sure I topped the 20 mile mark while on vacation. Which I easily did, totalling 21.77 while there.

October Totals:

Miles: 55.69

Time: 8 hours, 01 min, 06 sec

Average Speed: 6.9 mph

Calories Burned: 7,028

Total for 2012:

Miles: 444.59

Time: 63 hours, 45 min, 21 sec

Average Speed: 7.0 mph

Calories Burned: 62,135

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