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Hornady’s 9th Edition Handbook of Cartridge Reloading

October 25, 2012

Hornady has announced their 9th Edition reloading manual.

Many new bullets, powders and cartridges have been added, including the 17 Hornet, .300 Whisper / 300 AAC Blackout, 327 Federal Mag, 356 Winchester, 416 Barrett, and 505 Gibbs. The one I’m most interested in is 5.56 NATO.

As you should well know, that while the 5.56 NATO and the .223 Remington are virtually identical on the outside, they differ greatly on the inside. Operating pressure in the 5.56 NATO is much higher. We all shoot AR style rifles that are chambered for the 5.56 but the only reloading data commonly available is for .223.

The new manual will be available starting December 1st.

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