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Defending Ugly Semi-Auto Military Style Rifles

August 8, 2012

To my hunting friends:

The smooth bore musket, single shot rifle, and bolt action rifle were all once a military grade hardware.

Ask the British whom we defeated with musket fire during the War for Independence.
Ask the Spanish who were beaten on San Juan Hill with Trapdoor Springfield 45-70 rifles.
Ask the German Army that occupied France during World War One what they thought of rifles like the M1917 Enfield bolt action .30-06 used by Medal of
Honor winner SGT Alvin York.
Were the German 98 Mauser bolt action rifles fired at American soldiers as they stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day merely “hunting rifles”? I think not!

Hunters who think that “assault” rifles have no place in their “sporting” world need to get off of their pompous little high horses and get into the
fight for gun rights. Your “sporting” guns would not exist today had they not first been used as military arms. All firearms must be defended. “Need” has
absolutely nothing to do with this debate.

No one needs an AK-47? No one needs a $20,000 custom double barrel shot gun when a $300 pump will get the job done, but I’ll fight for them. I’ll fight
for them all!


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