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Milton Friedman: What is America? (1978)

August 3, 2012

Kind of long, but well worth watching…

“I’m not arguing that government does not have a role, of course it does. I am not an anarchist. But I am persuaded that the problem of our society today is too much government, not too little. Indeed I am persuaded that government is failing to perform the functions which it alone can perform, because we are trying to have it perform functions which it cannot perform.

In Walter Lippman’s phrase, which, I may say, goes back to the 1920’s, we are an over-governed society.

I believe we can get back on the right track, only as a public at large comes to recognize that the direction we have been going is a false direction. A direction that will lead us not where we want to be, but where we do not want to be. And that we can get back on the right track only by stopping and then reversing that trend.”

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