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Quote of the Day: Small Business Owner Edition

July 18, 2012


People invested in me and my business President Obama. They didn’t help me. I spent the first 3 years putting in 100 hour weeks. I built what I have in a recession and made it through with many sacrifices from myself and family.
The TAXES I have paid and do pay, DID build and do maintain the roads my business is on. No one took me under their wing, no one gave me a fair shot, I knew what I w…anted and I went out there and took it.
My parents instilled work ethic, common sense and pride in me. I went to 17 different banks to get a loan. I persevered and received one because I spent a year planning everything and proved myself to be competent. Not one penny have I received from the government in 5 years.
All this for a little ‘ol restaurant in Springfield, MO
Mark Coleman, Owner of The Grotto restaurant, Springfield, Missouri.!/pages/The-Grotto-Grill-Salad-Pizza/54331689404
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