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.308 Trail Boss Chrono Data

July 7, 2012

I finally got around to running the reworked .308 110 V-MAX Trail Boss load through my chronograph.

I’ll refresh everyones memory about this load. It’s a .308 Winchester with 110 grain Hornady V-MAX loaded over 14.5 grains of IMR Trail Boss. I’ve blogged about it a couple of other times. Here and here

The first time I fired this load the velocities were all over the place. I loaded it a again, but this time I put a bit of a crimp on the case mouth. I figured it would help keep the pressure more consistent.

I set up my Shooting Chrony Master F-1 chronograph at 15 feet. I fired 5 rounds but the chronograph only picked up 4. This model tends to be a bit finicky with where the bullet travels over the sensor and on several occasions it has given me an “error”. The bullet needs to pass directly over the both the front and rear photo sensors.

These are the velocities it fired.


It was much more consistent then the first load. Average velocity of 1851. I like it.

I didn’t do any serious grouping but after adjusting the scope with the first 2 shots I managed to get a decent 3 round group. Considering it was at 50 yards it isn’t impressive, but it is a starting point. And I don’t need it to hit prairie dogs, just cannie type dogs. If the bullet parts I recovered are any indication of it’s terminal performance, I’ll let it shoot 3″ 100 yard groups all day long. I shot a 20 oz soda bottle and recovered a major chunk of the lead core. I even found the red polymer V-MAX tip.



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  1. Nik Sobotka permalink
    August 6, 2012 4:12 am

    Hi! Whats your OAL of the 110gr V-Max? I shoot 13grains of TrailBoss with 150gr SST OAL 2.800″ and it work great!
    Kind Regards


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