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Air Rifle Accuracy and Training

May 28, 2012

Yesterday I pulled out my Beeman RS1 .22 caliber air rifle. I wanted to do some practice and keep my skills sharp. 

I put two targets out. One at 15 yards and the other at 30. This is the working range I consider to be within my abilities and capabilities with this rifle. My backstops are “recycled” outdated field manuals and telephone books packed into cardboard boxes. 

By my third shot, I was scratching my head. None of the pellets were hitting where I was aiming. Was I having a bad day or something? I fired about a dozen pellets and they were scattered about. I moved from the 15 to the 30 yard target and it just got worse. I wasn’t grouping, I was patterning! I managed to get one 3 round group that I could be happy with. I did not have this kind of trouble when I initially zeroed the air rifle.

I have missed a couple of marauding squirrels and figured I had simply blown the shots, but maybe it wasn’t me.


Disgusted with myself, I went in the house and returned with my trusted and venerable Remington 541-T. This is my “go to” .22LR rifle if there are tiny critters that need killed. This is my favorite and possibly most accurate rifle  I own. I shoot Remington Subsonic Hollow Points out of it. This is a nice round with a muzzle velocity of 1050 fps that does not damage meat and has a milder report compared to high velocity .22LR’s.

I kept the targets in the same place in order to see if it is the air rifle or me that is having issues.

I fired two groups at 15 yards. Boy was I relieved. The 1st group was 5 shots, all touching, under 1/2 an inch. I fired a second group with equal results. (Big sigh of relief…) My third group was fired at the 30 yard target. Again, 5 shots in a ragged hole.

Who else has air rifle problems like this? I understand that some rifles may take several hundred rounds before they’re “broke in” and I only have about 100 through this one. Considering I managed to get one decent group out of it,  I’d like to think that there is some level of inconsistency on my part,  maybe the way I insert the pellets or something.



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