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Trail Boss Follow Up

May 25, 2012

I’m working a follow up to post about .308 Win Trail Boss loads.

I had previously worked up two .308 loads using IMR Trail Boss smokeless powder. One with a Hornady 220 grain round nose soft point, the other with a 110 grain Hornady V-Max.

The 220 load worked great, but the V-Max had velocity problems. It producted an extreme spread of 200 fps. At the time I decided not to pursue it any longer.

But I REALLY want it to work. I think this set up would be great for close in predator work. When I say “predator”, I pretty much mean dogs. I usually use my Smith & Wesson M&P-15.22 for eliminating small pests and critters around the homestead, but occasionally, bigger animals get into the pasture and attempt to do harm to my livestock. I have an assortment of .223’s, 22-250’s and .308’s, but all of those tend to rattle the neighbors windows if I take a shot after dark. I think a 110 V-Max traveling at 1700 fps should have a substantially reduced report, making it a bit more covert, while still being able to drop a raiding canine where it stands. They tend to run off when hit by a .22, headshots not withstanding.

I did some research and decided I would try putting a slight crimp on the bullet as a means to narrow the velocity deviation. I ordered a set of standard RCBS .308 dies and loaded 10 more rounds.


I’ll run them through the Chrony and group them. I’ll report back with the results in a couple of days.

**UPDATED POST** More info at this post:


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