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Ted Turner Says US & Israel Should Disarm to Prevent Iran From Getting Nukes (Video)

May 4, 2012

 Crazy Ted…

We only became friends with the Japanese AFTER WE NUKED THEM…



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  1. May 4, 2012 9:51 pm

    Ted Turner is just an idiot. Maybe he should worry more about how he treats his employees while he is making his millions. I use to work in a theater next to one of his cable offices. We often built sets for his cable shows. His employees were always upset with the way he treated them…like spying on them. He showed them no trust, and they were hard workers. We didn’t really work for him, because we were only contracted to build the sets, but he gave us the run around once to often, including changing his mind after we were done, and demanding that we rebuild the set that he first contracted for us to do. A man who can’t treat his own employees with respect isn’t going to care about his country either.

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