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Army Orders New M-4’s from Remington… not Colt

April 21, 2012

I like the sound of this.

GearScout is reporting that the Army placed an order for 24,000 new M-4’s from Remington.

“It was bound to happen. The U.S. Army has been buying M4 carbines exclusively from Colt since 2002 (though the first Colt M4 contract was awarded in 1996). But, as of 18:20 today, Remington Arms has been added to that dance card. The question is whether Colt retained a portion of the contract. It appears they haven’t, but it’s hard to tell from the published documents.

According to the Department of the Army’s Chief of Legislative Liaison, the Army today executed a delivery order on an existing contract to buy 24,000 M4/M4A1s worth $16,163,252.07. The order comes as line 001 on an IDIQ contract for up to 120,000 carbines worth $83,924,089.00, though U.S. Army Contracting Command lists the “Max Potential Contract Value $180,000,000.00.” The rifles will be made at Remington’s factory in Ilion, N.Y., from the Colt technical data package and, by my math, will cost about $673 a copy. That’s a hell of a group buy price.

This news is just hours old so Remington, and likely Colt, are still spinning up the PR machines. I spoke with two Remington Arms employees who confirmed the contract award but hadn’t been cleared to make a statement on behalf of the company.

I haven’t heard from Colt, yet. But I expect them to be fairly quiet until the protest period has ended. I did speak with one industry executive Saturday morning that suggested Colt is already close to it’s production capacity. He mentioned the 2009 M240 and M249 contract awards as major contributing factors.

Any of you that were about to buy milspec parts for your guns, now’s a good time. I’m sure Remington is about to go on an OEM parts buying binge. While they will likely forge their own upper receivers, lowers receivers, bolt, bolt carrier and barrels, they will have to subcontract for small parts such as ejectors, extractors, fire control groups, springs, pins just as Colt does.”

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  1. Jacob permalink
    April 22, 2012 10:12 pm

    So why is it a good time to buy mil spec parts? And where would I find them?

    • April 23, 2012 9:22 pm

      It’s a good time because very soon Remington will be buy them up to complete their order.

      A few good places that I keep an eye on for parts and parts kits are:
      Model 1 Sales
      Palmetto State Armory

      There are many others. Supplies have been drying up already, I suspect because of the upcoming election.

      Are you looking to put a rifle together?

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