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Something I Don’t Like Next to My House

April 19, 2012

Let me introduce you to Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma, the Western Cottonmouth, aka Water Moccasin.


I am a guy who has always been into critters and I consider myself very well educated in the field of Herptology (the branch of zoology concerning reptiles and amphibians). I go out of my way to not kill any of them. I rescue turtles off of the road and my wife can testify that I dodge frogs when I drive.

Snakes are incredibly beneficial in the ecosystem. Frankly speaking, people have the wrong idea about most critters. The cute and furry ones do all the damage while the ugly and creepy ones, which do a lot of good, are vilified. If it wasn’t for snakes and spiders, rats and bugs would over run us.

It has been my standard procedure to relocate snakes I find around my house to a different part of my property. Last year I had 6 foot long Rat Snake that kept coming back to bask on my driveway. It took several relocations before it didn’t come back. So when I found this juvenile Cottonmouth hanging out in my kids play area, I didn’t feel I could risk relocating it and having it show back up when the kids were outside and I’m not around. My only option was to kill it. What a shame…


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