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The Homecoming

April 13, 2012

It was finally here. The day had come. She had waited for this day, ached for it to come. She was standing with a crowd. There was so much excitement and energy in the air. All were ecstatic; their joy could hardly be contained. It startled her, the call to Attention. The band started playing; the big doors opened. Suddenly the Flag appeared, the Colors, for which so many had given so much to defend. It triumphantly entered the room. But that was not what she had come for, for what she sought followed the Colors. It was a formation of men, 6 across and 15 deep. She looked for him, trying to see him. The formation stopped. “Fall Out” was called by the senior man. The formation broke, the crowd ran. She slipped from her mothers grasp and hurried forward, up on her toes for a better look. There he was, tears in his eyes, racing towards her. They meet in a rush as he scooped her off of the ground into his strong arms. He held her in his mighty embrace. She had waited for this moment for what seemed like forever and never wanted to let him go.

All was once again right with the world.

Her Daddy was home!

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