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Civics 101

April 2, 2012

Too often, I see politicians make statements to the effect that they were “elected to lead”. Representatives and Senators are not elected to lead! I am sick of people on both sides of the aisle who make this claim.

What are the three branches of Government? The Legislative, The Judicial and The Executive. All equal, but with different responsibilities. Right?

Of these 3, which one is elected to lead?

What is the other name for the Judicial Branch? How many members are there?

What form of government does the United States have?

What is the purpose of electing Congress?

I suspect that all of my fellow bloggers can answer these questions in their sleep, but how many “average” Americans can? We have an uphill battle to undo all the misinformation that has been and will continue to be done to convince the American public that their government is something that is not. The willful ignorance of the vast majority of the people is disgusting. This is supposed to be a government of “We the People”. What a sad state of affairs when people can’t answer these basic questions, but can tell you everything there is to know about something trivial and temporary. It’s time for America to go back to class…




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