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The Truth About Gun Deaths: By the Numbers

January 16, 2012

Gun control advocates spout numbers and statistics to support their desire to abolish the private ownership of firearms in this country. Ever since I can remember, there has been continuous talk by the news media and other Liberal / Progressive pundits about evil stuff like magazine capacity and “assault” rifles. They contend that lives would be saved if ammunition capacity was limited or certain firearms were simply forbidden outright.

I believe that the vast majority of those in government, the news media and lobbying organizations who claim to pursue gun control for the purpose of saving lives are truly perpetrating a gigantic untruth on the general public. In truth, firearms represent the one thing these leftists hate the most; individual freedom. They try to assert that lives can be saved if we ban this or limit that. But data collected by our very own governmental agencies provides a much different picture of the lives lost in our nation. The statistics are not in the gun haters favor.

Compare FBI murder data with that from the Centers for Disease Control to truly grasp death in America. The number of lives lost due to gun homicides, suicides and accidents pale in comparison to the number of other preventable deaths.

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the US. The case has been made for years that most types of heart disease are preventable with proper diet and exercise. Although not mentioned by the CDC, tobacco is a major contributor to heart disease and some cancers, but seldom does anyone speak of banning it.

Karl Marx believed that “religion is opiate to the masses”. But in reality, alcohol is the true “opiate of the masses”. If you want to talk about saving lives, you could start with limiting or banning alcohol. For those of you I just pissed off with that statement, the reality is that 24,189 individuals died as a direct result of consuming alcohol. And by comparing the FBI & CDC stats, you are more likely to die from drinking than by a crazed gunman with “extended” magazines.

And if the news people and gun control groups were truly concerned about saving lives, then they must first and foremost address the staggering amount of abortions that occur annually. 825,564 abortions were voluntarily reported to CDC in 2008. Keyword:  Voluntarily. There is no requirement to report abortions. The exact number is not known. But at a minimum, 2261 lives are lost to abortion EVERY SINGLE DAY!

 The CDC recorded in 2008, a total of 2,471,984 resident deaths in the United States. A great deal of these deaths are preventable. I’ve include some simply for reference.

Deaths, by the numbers:

Abortion: 825,564 (1.2 million estimated by the National Right to Life)

Heart disease: 616,828

Cronic respiratory disease: 141,090

Diabetes: 70,553

Pneumonia: 54,562

Motor-vehicle Accidents: 39,790

Septicemia (infection): 35,927

Accidental poisoning and exposure to noxious substances: 31,116

Falls: 24,013

Intentional self-harm (suicide) by discharge of firearms: 18,223

Intentional self-harm (suicide) by other: 17,812

Alcoholic liver disease: 14,864

Emphysema: 12,448

Intestinal infections: 7,876

Viral hepatitis: 7,629 (more than were murdered with handguns)

Assault (homicide) by other: 5,649

Accidental drowning: 3,548

Malnutrition: 2,760

Influenza: 1,722

Accidental discharge of firearms: 592

(FBI Data) Murders with firearms: 8,775

(FBI Data) Murders with handguns: 6,009

(FBI Data) Murders with knives: 1,704

(FBI Data) Murders where the offender had multiple victims: 759

(FBI Data) Murders with personal weapons (hands, fits & feet): 745

(FBI Data) Murders with blunt objects like clubs & hammers: 540

(FBI Data) Murders with rifles: 358

(My intension is not to make light of anyone’s death, but to put some numbers into perspective for everyone. All deaths tend to be tragic, but death is a reality and we have all been touched by it.)

Center of Disease Control data reflects the last year for which complete data is available (2009). (

 Murder statistics provided by the FBI for 2010. (

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