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Stupid “RINO”s

January 4, 2012

Stupid, Stupid RINOs… “Republicans In Name Only”…

Rumor has it that John McCain will (or maybe already has) endorse Mitt Romney as the Republican Presidential Nominee.

McCain is an absolute turd when it comes to him being “conservative” and his endorsement should tell you everything you need to know about Mitt Romney. Do we want another weak candidate who is considered more “electable” by the Republican establishment?

The Republican Party is getting dangerously close to becoming obsolete. More and more Conservatives are leaving the party and becoming Independents. Ruling Class Republicans think this exodus is because the party is not “moderate” enough, but the truth is that the exact opposite is true. Conservatives are leaving because the party is already too moderate.

If the Party Establishment would simply embrace the Conservatives in America and ditch trying to appeal to everyone else, they would win every election every time!

Should Romney become the nominee, as I suspect he will, I will hold my nose come Election Day and vote for him. But know this people, if he does become the nominee, OBAMA WILL GET RE-ELECTED TO A SECOND TERM! Same goes for Ron Paul! If Obama has another 4 years you can kiss what used to be “America” goodbye. Get ready for a lot of misery.

Do not assume that November will see the end of Obama. Get educated about and become invovled in the future direction of our nation. Turn off the TV and focus on something more important than Glee, American Idol, or a sporting event. All of that stuff is simply a distraction. And to all of those who will pay me lip service, don’t just say you care, put your money where your mouth is…

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