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Hornady Z-Max™ Bullets

December 23, 2011

If loaded Zombie Max ammunition isn’t enough for you, today Hornady introduced a line of Z-Max bullets too.

My guess is that they are really just V-Max varmint bullets with the standard red tips being replaced by cool green ones.

They will be available in the following calibers and bullet weights:

  • 17 CAL .172 20 GR Z-Max
  • 20 CAL .204 32 GR Z-Max
  • 22 CAL .224 40 GR Z-Max
  • 22 CAL .224 50 GR Z-Max
  • 22 CAL .224 55 GR Z-Max W/C
  • 6MM .243 58 GR Z-Max
  • 7.62X39 123 GR Z-Max

I’d like to see Hornady also include a 110 or 125 grain .308 bullet, something we could load in the .300 Blackout. The MSRP for the .224 55 grain w/c is excellent and the bullet would work very nicely in a .223 Rem /5.56mm chambered AR. I might be in the market for some.

The Hornady video is very lame, but I threw it in any way.

Link here :

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  1. December 26, 2011 8:08 am

    Kids gave me 2 boxes of .45 ACP for Christmas….gotta love it!

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