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Religion & Politics

December 13, 2011

Christianity in America has become divided between left-wing Progressive Christians and right-wing Conservative Christians. And the divide is large. Abortion, Homosexuality, Government Welfare, and Social Justice have driven a wedge among the brethren. I wish I knew why there is such disparity. It makes “The Church” a very ineffective witness for Jesus Christ. Sometimes there is open animosity. Too often, I am guilty of harboring that animosity. Both sides sling Bible verses and theology around to back up their views and opinions.

How is a Christians political views formed? I got saved in junior high and my Christian values formed first in my life and as I matured, my political values fell in line with what I believed to be Biblically moral. I didn’t have political views already established. When I came to know what abortion was, I knew it was wrong, under any circumstance! When I read in the Bible that Jesus said to love my neighbor as myself, I knew that it was my individual obligation.

With that said… How can I ever side with a political party that advocates as a “right”, the murder of unborn babies or who think the right way to take care of the poor is to use other people’s money?

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