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They’re All Commies!

December 2, 2011

Marxism has become so ingrained in the American psyche that many can’t even see it for what it is. We’ve been in the pot of slowly warming water for too long. Some of us see that it’s starting to get hot and are trying to warn others close to us. But many are comfortable with the way things are and are unaware that they are about to get cooked.

Most of the current political disagreements are based on what the individual owes the collective, or what the collective owes the individual. To the Marxist, the individual is only there to serve the collective. Under Marxism they both suffer. Only the elite benefit.

The Individual and the Collective are one and the same. They cannot exist without the other. The collective is merely a collection of individuals. Under Capitalism both the individual and the collective benefit from each other and they both profit. There really isn’t a “collective”, just individuals working for their mutual benefit. The purpose of the individual is not to serve the collective, nor is the purpose of the collective to serve the individual.

Because of the Marxist influence on our culture, our voting is skewed and backwards. Non-productive individuals now feel entitled to be supported by the collective and vote for politicians to steal money from productive individuals in order to continue to fund their non-productive lifestyle. The political elite then benefit from this and remain in power, further continuing the slippery slope toward the Marxist goal. If you can’t see this, maybe you’re a Commie too!

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