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October 23, 2011

In the early nineties Communism proved to be a failure. The Berlin Wall fell, as did the governments of all the countries associated with the Soviet Union. It was a good era for America. Our Enemy was defeated; Peace prevailed. Communism was on its deathbed; The Cold War was over.

But it was all a dream. Communism never really went away. It has been “teached and preached” in every major college university since before I was born. The principles of Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto have been so stealthily ingrained into American Society that most people fail to see them. The idea that life is not “fair” because the “evil rich” and their collective greed are holding me back is nonsense. It’s all Communist BALONEY! The “99%” vs. the “1%”, rich vs poor, workers vs corporations, us vs them – COMMUNIST BOVINE MANURE! Class warfare has been around for centuries, possibly millenia, and it is always used in the same way:

Convince the ones who have less – that they would have more, if those who have more – had less.

This brings me to that which I wanted to talk about, the “Occupy” movement that is taking place around the country. And now my neck of the woods has its own group of squatters, “Occupy Little Rock” has taken up residence at the Clinton Library. I expect to see this behaviour out of our European ancestors. They have been living in a mostly Socialist society since man created it. As an “American” the whole idea is fairly repulsive to me. America was colonized not only by people who held strong religious beliefs, they had a serious work ethic. They were tough and provided for themselves with their own two hands. They carved an existence out of the wilderness with their own blood, sweat, tears and determination. Individuals, who did their part to ensure their own success. No one else could be blamed if they didn’t succeed. That is the lineage I claim.

These “occupiers” live lives that are soft enough to allow them time to camp out, make demands and expect things to change for them. You want change, get off of your rump, roll up your sleeves and CHANGE YOUR LIFE! But I don’t reckon that is what they truly desire. They don’t want to change, they want the other guy to change. Are these folks just going to hang out till they get what they want? That’s not democracy. What can you change if it isn’t through the ballot box? Things happen at elections. If you want things to change then hold your elected representative accountable for his actions at the next election. That is your responsibility. If you are too dang lazy to figure out who people are before you elect them then tough, you’re stuck with them till next time. You don’t get to protest for change if the majority didn’t vote your way. You play the game, win or lose, and live with the results till the next go around. Elections happen with amazing regularity. It is absolutely impossible for them to sneak up on any one. Aside from elections, how else will you get rid of corrupt politicians? Violence? Then that proves that you don’t believe in democracy. If America is as bad as these folks want us to believe, they wouldn’t still be protesting. Their pitifully directed rebellion would have been crushed by government & corporate thugs and their dead would number in the hundreds.

But America is not as bad as they claim. Instead, I think that many in the “Occupy” crowd simply don’t like what “America” is. They see “inequality” everywhere. They seem to think that everyone’s results should be the same regardless of effort put in. People like themselves “deserve” to have it their way just because they’re alive. To them it isn’t “fair” for businessmen to  make millions of dollars running corporations, but it is ok for celebrities who make millions to run their mouths and stir up hate against the “rich” businessmen. In a world they claim shouldn’t have winners and losers, it appears to me that they do want people to be losers; anyone who they think has “more” than them.

On a global scale I know that all those who consider themselves in the bottom 99% of “wealth holders” in the United States are in fact part of the top 10% of the wealthiest people in the world.

I will not throw the baby out with the bath water. We still have the best political system mankind has ever developed. It is our responsibility to care for. We must nurture and foster growth, at times trim back the excess, manage and keep control of it or else weeds get in. And weeds are everywhere because for decades, few citizens have turned off the TV long enough to notice that their ELECTED government has gone awry.

Until the day that Christ sits on His earthly throne, corruption in government will be with us. After the Occupy Movement brings down this current system, the next one will become corrupted, and the one after that too. There will always be people who want to gather power unto themselves. We can’t give them power. “Un”-elect polititians before they cause trouble. Americans have proven to be very poor students of history and literature. I recently read a book that was written in 1947,  Animal Farm by none other than George Orwell. Many of you have heard of it, maybe even read it as an assignment from your school days. For a book that is over 60 years old, every word remains as relevent today as it was intended to be when it was written. Nothing in politics ever really changes. Pretty soon “Four legs good, two legs bad” becomes “four legs good, two legs better” and we’re right back where we started.

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  1. Michele permalink
    October 23, 2011 9:18 pm

    Bill… It’s not to late to run for president ya know!

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