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Abortion, Slavery and Moral Bankruptcy

October 12, 2011

If slavery was worth fighting a civil war over, then why isn’t abortion? If men
have the right to be free, should babies not have the right to be born? Should
not the murder of 53 million unborn babies at least be seen on the same level
of atrocity as slavery? Abortion could be looked at as a darker stain on the
fabric of America than slavery.

But let’s not kid ourselves, at the political level, civil rights have far less to
do with freedoms and more to do with votes. The proof is in the pudding.
Liberal Progressive Democrats and their voting base can’t seem to make the
connection. They keep coming up with all sorts of new rights and freedoms for
their chosen victim classes, but manage to ignore the most basic freedom of all,
life. Abortion, the brutal murder and disposal of unborn children, is hailed as
a “right”. Women, they say, have the right to do with their bodies as they
chose. I agree. But a baby is not “their” body. It is their offspring. It is a
living, breathing human organism. These same Liberal Progressive Democrats have
more vitriol for a pro athlete who raises fighting dogs, than they do for
people who support the killing of babies. In my world view, there is a moral bankruptcy
in people who have more concern for the lives of homeless animals than they do
for the lives of homeless people. Until there are no more Americans living in
poverty, should there be any money left over to give to the Humane Society or
the Sierra Club.

My political values start and end with abortion. So until those of you who call
yourself evangelical left, liberal, progressive or whatever kind of Christian
you choose, take a firm stand against the murder of unborn babies you can take
your sanctimonious “what about the poor children” load of crap and dump it off
the Golden Gate Bridge. Otherwise you’re all just a bunch of hypocrites!

Abortion is murder; supporting
abortion is supporting murder; supporting those who defend abortion is
defending murder; ignoring abortion is ignoring murder.

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  1. October 13, 2011 12:54 pm


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